Cedric Frencherson (rancid234) wrote in save_guida,
Cedric Frencherson

im a bit late for this

My computer sucked when the save guida foundation was founded, but that doesn't mean my donation doesn't help. Guida guida guida. without guida, i would never have realized that i suck at everything and my life is a waste. my guida story is like this: the first time i ever met guida, he came to my house with caiazzo. when we left the house, i realized he had stolen my like 30 dollar lighter. but i didnt care, cause it was guida. I was also there when guida rolled his first blunt. it was also the first time caiazzo and shintaro ever smoked, a day that went down in history obviously. Guida wouldn't stop making fun of me and shintaro, and also made us walk dumb far, just so he could buy a slice of pizza. come home soon guida.

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